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The Arkansas Bail Bond Process

If your loved one has been arrested then chances are good you’re anxious to get them out, at least until their court date comes around. This will usually require working with an Arkansas bail bond company, but you should know a few things about the process before entering into an agreement with one.

Bail Is Set – Now What?

The first part of the Arkansas bail bonds process is completely out of your hands. The police or sheriff’s office will process your loved one and bail will be set. In some cases, the police can do this, but in more serious crimes, Arkansas law dictates that a judge set bail. Factors that will affect the amount include:

  • The nature/severity of the crime
  • Your loved one’s criminal history
  • Any ties to the community
  • The risk of flight your loved one presents

Once bail is set, you can finally take action. The first step should be to contact an Arkansas bail bond company. You will need to give the company specific information about your loved one, including their name, the jail in which they are incarcerated, their birth date, and other details. When they are able to access the case information, they will determine the amount of the bond.

In most cases, you will be required to pay 10% of the total bail amount. If the judge set bail at $5,000, you would need to pay $500 plus $80 in assorted fees to the bail bond company. However, if bail is set at $500 or less, you will pay $50 plus the $80 in fees.

As soon as you pay the bail bond company, an agent will begin the process of having your loved one released. Depending on the time of day, this may take a couple of hours.

After Release

Once your loved one has been released, they will be bound by specific limitations. This may involve things like having to wear an ankle monitor, or not being allowed to travel. They will also need to appear at all court hearings, or they forfeit their bail and will be sent directly back to jail.

They must take pains to follow all requirements until their case concludes. Once that occurs, your relationship with the bail bond company is at an end, unless you still owe payments.

“Jumping” Bail

If your loved one decides to leave town without permission or misses a hearing/court session they were required to attend, they will be in violation of their bail agreement. In this case, they will be located and recovered. The bond will be forfeit and, in most cases, they will be required to remain in jail until their case is resolved.

Finding the Right Arkansas Bail Bond Company

Getting your loved one out of jail is an important first step in helping them to get their life back on track. Working with a trusted Arkansas bail bond company helps ensure that they have the best chance of success. If your loved one has been arrested, contact us to learn more about the bail process and how we can help.

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